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Here at Sticky Johnson we believe in kiwis backing kiwis!

We wouldn’t be the business we are without the help of NZ’s best surfers testing, critiquing and helping us develop our products into what they are today.  With the help of surfers nationwide we now have an industry proven product range and are able to continually give back our talented local surfers across the country!  They’ve helped us and we are proud to be helping them, take a look at our talented team of surfers below and give them a follow on their social accounts….. back your fellow kiwis!!!

Ricardo Christie


Billy Stairmand


Maz Quinn


Paul Moretti


Caleb Cutmore @calebcutmore

Caleb Cutmore


Zen Wallis @zenstate_nz

Zen Wallis


Levi Stewart @leviste_what

Levi Stewart


Daniel Farr @danielfarr_

Daniel Farr


Taylor Hutchison




Bevan Wiig

Bevan Wiig


Callum Chuter @callumchuter

Callum Chuter


Ariana Shewry @arianashewry

Ariana Shewry


Finn Vette @finnshreddy

Finn Vette


Taimana Marupo


Ava Henderson


Sean Peggs

Sean Peggs

Tiana Breeze




Bill Byers




Indica Corcoran




Taylor O’leary




Tom Butland




Tao Mouldey




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