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Sticky Johnson Deluxe, Long lasting, super grippy

Sticky Johnson Surf Wax is a non toxic product which uses natural ingredients for superior traction. Our Deluxe surf wax has been scientifically engineered to provide a wax which is easy to apply, sticky, long lasting and super grippy!! Sticky Johnsons Deluxe Surf Wax is exported globally and is fastly becoming regarded as one of the best wax’s in the world! Grab a block and feel the difference… 

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Long Lasting Super Grippy

Mega Johnson Deluxe Formula

Mega Johnson offers supreme tack for the performance surfer.
The Mega Johnson Mega grip is a unique soft wax formulation which binds the board to the feet, effectively locking the surfer into position. This gives the rider the ability to push the limits knowing they have maximum Grip.

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